Love Sick

And Aubrey was her name. David Gates wrote the hit song Aubrey in 1972 and released it on Bread's album Guitar Man. It peaked at number 15 on the Billboard charts. This is a beautiful melancholy song about a love that was never fully realized. The song is about loving a girl and wishing to spend a lifetime with her but for some reason she disappeared. We are never really told why in the song, but just that the relationship was short-lived and now she is gone and he misses her so. I have not seen any official explanation but some have theorized that she died. One person said that they heard it was written by David about a neighbor whom he never really got to know. After she died suddenly, he felt remorse and wished he had gotten to know her. Another person pointed to the recent split with his wife. But no matter what the motivation, the song Aubrey is one of the most beautiful and heart-wrenching songs written about an unrealized love. Try not to cry when you listen to it!

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