A Girl Named Noel

A Girl Named Noel is a song performed by Jim Nabors, comedian, singer, and actor best known for his comedic rolls. He is remembered most for his portrayal of the lovable, good-natured country-boy character Gomer Pyle, co-staring on “The Andy Griffith Show” on TV in the 1960’s. His character was spun-off for the TV comedy show “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.” where he really capitalized on his memorable exclamation phrase, “Well goooooaaallly!” Born in Alabama, James Thurston Nabors, (June 12, 1930 – November 30, 2017) will be remembered mostly for his comedy but also for his rich baritone singing voice. A Girl Named Noel is a unique and memorable song written by L. Laurie & A. Tucker and sung by Jim Nabors on his 1972 album, Merry Christmas.

Tommy Roe's Sheila

The song, Sheila was a big hit song for Tommy Roe in 1962 but it didn’t start out with that name. At the young age of 14, Tommy had a school-boy crush on a girl named Frieda and wrote a poem about her. That poem later morphed into a song but when he auditioned with the song about sweet little Frieda, the record producer said that the name just didn’t sound right. Tommy’s Aunt Sheila was visiting the family that weekend and that’s when the name Sheila struck him as perfect for the song. With that change, the song Sheilabecame a chart-topper and launched his career. Tommy Roe has other girls name songs on our list including Heather Honey and Sweet Pea.

Fate and Fortune

Please Don't Ask About Barbara written by Bill Buchanan and Jack Keller and performed by Bobby Vee reached #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1962. As fate would have it, the song was handicapped by Dick Clark’s divorce with his first wife, Barbara! Dick Clark never gave the song air time on American Bandstand so it never achieved its hit potential. Fate played an important part in Bobby Vee’s career which would not exist if not for the devastating accident in 1959 when Bobby's career began amid tragedy. On February 3, 1959, The Day The Music Died, the three headliners of the traveling 'Winter Dance Party', Buddy Holly, Richie Valens,and The Big Bopper died in an airplane accident and the producers looked for a local band to fill in. Thus, 15-year old Bobby Vee (born Robert Thomas Velline) got his one-in-a-million chance to be a rock ‘n roll star. His performance was a success and launched a career with top-10 hits such as Take Good Care Of My Baby, Devil Or Angel, Rubber Ball, Run To Him, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, and Come Back When You Grow Up.
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TV Theme Songs

I Love Lucy, the theme song for the hit comedy TV series was first written as an instrumental by Harold Adamson. He later added the lyrics sung by Desi Arnaz in the episode "Lucy's Last Birthday". There are many TV shows featuring a female lead, such as Gidget, Hazel, Jeannie, and Maude. But the most well known is Lucy! Staring in her own show, Lucile Ball became the iconic female lead for TV sit-com comedy. The original show ran from 1951 to 1957 and continued in various forms until 1960 and it can probably be seen today as it lives on in reruns.

Oscar Winner

The first time an Academy Award was presented for Best Original Song was in 1934 and the 1937 award went to Harry Owens for his song, Sweet Leilani, featured in the movie Waikiki Wedding staring Bing Crosby. The song as sung by Bing and it became one of the biggest hits of 1937. Leilani is a popular Hawaiian name and Harry wrote the song in honor of his new baby daughter. The song was also featured in the 1938 movie, Cocoanut Grove. Other girls name songs that have won the Oscar include Mona Lisa, written by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston, and Gigi, written by Frederick Loewe and Alan Lerner.

For My Mother

You should not be surprised to learn that some of the girls name songs on the list are songs written about the writer's or artist's own mother. John Lennon wrote the song Julia about his mum. Singer-composer and guitar player, Damon Johnson, of Brother Crane, wrote the song Voice of Eujena about his mother. And Philomena was written for his mother by Phil Lynott, founder, front man, and primary song writer of the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. The song speaks of a son’s love and his wish to let her know how he feels. Lynott also wrote a song dedicated to his Grandmother, Sarah, for whom he named his daughter. He also wrote a different song, also called Sarah, for his daughter! Legendary Phil Lynott passed away at the age of 36 in 1986.

Young Singing Stars

Michael Jackson began his professional singing career at age six when he joined his brothers’ group, The Jackson Brothers.  When Michael began singing lead vocals the band changed their name to The Jackson 5.  At that same time period, Donny Osmond began singing with his brothers professionally.  Donny made his public debut on the Andy Williams show at age five and began his trip to stardom with his brothers, The Osmonds.  Hi Hi Hazel was a regional hit in 1966, sung by Gary & The Hornets. Back in 1966 Gary & The Hornets band members ranged from 6 to 13 years old!  They were from Franklin, Ohio and were popular in the Dayton and Cincinnati area in 1966 and 1967. The number of young singing stars is far too many to include in this short post, but I cannot end without mentioning that Paul Anka was just sixteen when he wrote and recorded his hit, Diana, in 1957.