Jolene, the other woman

The 1973 Dolly Parton hit song, Jolene is a good example of a song about the “other” woman. According to interviews and as stated on some live performances, Dolly says she wrote the song about an attractive bank clerk who was a little too flirtatious with Dolly’s husband, Carl Dean. The woman’s name was not Jolene, Dolly took that name from a young fan who wanted an autograph; she thought the name was pretty and ideal for the song. Jolene was not only one of her most successful songs, but also her song most covered by other performers. Jack White took the song and changed the perspective so he could sing about Jolene as his girlfriend who was cheating on him with one of his buddies; it’s been a very popular part of concerts by The White Stripes. With Jolene portrayed as a cheating girlfriend, Jack White makes it a very emotional performance! Other cover versions include one by Dolly with Pentatonix and one by Mindy Smith (said to be one of Dolly’s favorites). Songs on our list about the “other” woman also include I'm Not Lisa (My Name is Julie) by Jessi Colter and two songs from the man’s perspective, Margie’s At The Lincoln Park Inn, by Bobby Bare, and (Lying Here With) Linda On My Mind, by Conway Twitty.

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